COMOCAL – Coalition Of Mobilehome Owners – California
Hands down the absolute best newsletter out there. Worth the membership just for that alone. Started by Frank Wodley, COMOCAL is the new kid on the block making waves. Run by people who actually live in a mobile home park like yourselves. I urge you to become a member.

CMRAA – California Mobilehome Resource and Action Association

John Sisker’s Site: Manuractured Home Owners Network

Neighborhood Friends
Full of piss and vinegar this young non-profit orgnanization embodies the best elements of citizen activism. Dedicated to preserving affordable mobile home park living.

GSMOL -Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners League, Inc
The oldest and largest advocacy group dedicated to the interests of mobilehome owners. Very active lobbying group headed by Maurice Priest in Sacramento where they often spearhead or sponsor some of the most important pro-mobilehome owner legislation. I urge you to become a member of GSMOL today.