Amount of Lawsuit: $24.8 million

Plaintiff Attorney: Richard Close

Filed: June 4th 2007

Sequoia Park Associates, owners of Sequoia Gardens Mobile Home Park, brings suit against Sonoma County for $24.8 million for imposing a moratorium on park conversion followed by a regulatory ordinance. The case will reach Superior Court Sept. 19. The county law requires park owners to secure the approval of 20 percent of their residents before filing an application to convert and then getting support from more than 50 percent once the application has been processed.
Read Sonoma County Mobile Home Park Conversion Ordinance 5725. View PDF
Read Sonoma Counties Rebuttal to Lawsuit. View PDF


10-17-07: Superior Court Dept 21 upholds Sonoma County Ordinance 5725. Court finds ordinance does not exceed Section 66427.5. View PDF

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Amount of Lawsuit: $23.1 million

Plaintiff Attorney: Richard Close

Filed: June 4th 2007

Santa Rosa enacts mobile home park conversion ordinance 3831 View PDF

Santa Rosa denies lawsuit View PDF

The owners of Country Mobile Home Park in Santa Rosa has sued the city of Santa Rosa, seeking $23.1 million in damages, because the city on May 8th enacted restrictions on condo-style conversions. The ordinance requires that park owners prove their parks meet building codes and that their roads, sewer, water and utility systems are in good condition prior to conversion.

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Amount of Lawsuit: $23.9million

Plaintiff Attorney: Richard Close

Filed: September 17th 2007

Lawsuit filed against city of Palm Springs for denying permit to convert Palm Springs View Estates. The lawsuit details the reasons the city did not have the jurisdiction and authority to deny the conversion application, and city council resolution 21941 should be vacated by the court, and the park owner should be entitled to extraordinary relief for loss of value and income. The amount of damage suggested in the complaint for declaratory relief and related issues, as stated: “is believed to be not less than $23,900,000.” View PDF


December 13, 2007: The two lawsuits filed by the PSVE park owner will be rescheduled for a hearing in the early part of 2008.

December 14, 2007: The lawsuit filed by the owner of the El Dorado MHP in October 2003 claiming damages of $6 to $7 million from the City may finally be coming to an end. The court trial date set for December 10, 2007 was rescheduled for April 14, 2008. Based on the many previous delays, however, the date could be extended again.

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Amount of Lawsuit: $14.6 million

Plaintiff Attorney: Richard Close

Filed: ?

Energency Mobile Home Park Conversion Ordinance Public Hearing. View PDF

Mobile Home Park Conversion Ordinance 305 enacted. View PDF

The owners of Palo Mobile Estates officially applied to convert their East Palo Alto mobile home park into a condominium-like park with individually owned lots. Simultaneously the group, headed by a New York investor, filed a $14.6 million claim against the city.

Go to East Palo Alto Official Website

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Amount of Lawsuit: $15.5 million

Plaintiff Attorney: Richard Close

Filed: July 7th 2007 View PDF

Paul Golstone Trust, owner of Alimur Mobile Home Park in Soquel, California, files a $15,582,000 lawsuit against Santa Cruz County. Paul Goldstone is represented by Richard Close of Gilchrist and Rutter. View PDF

As expected, the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors denies Paul Goldstone’s lawsuit. Paul Goldstone continues with lawsuit. View PDF

Paul Goldstone asks for a stay. Each side agrees to pay it’s own legal fees. Lawsuit on hold until further notice.

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Amount of Lawsuit: $34.4 million

Plaintiff Attorney: Richard Close

Filed: August 2nd 2007

Rohnert Park is being sued by the owners of Rancho Verde Mobile Home Park, Florida-based Sunset Strip Corporation and California-based Indian Springs, Ltd., the action seeks $34.4 million in damages.

Rohnert Park denied the owners’ application for subdivision, calling it inconsistent with the city’s general plan, particularly the section dealing with the need for affordable housing. Stated secondary reasons for the denial include a plan to replace single-wide homes with double-wides, allegedly reducing the amount of permeable surface needed to absorb storm water runoff. There was also a dispute over the sort of map required for the application. View PDF

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