Amount of Lawsuit: $24.8 million

Plaintiff Attorney: Richard Close

Filed: June 4th 2007

Sequoia Park Associates, owners of Sequoia Gardens Mobile Home Park, brings suit against Sonoma County for $24.8 million for imposing a moratorium on park conversion followed by a regulatory ordinance. The case will reach Superior Court Sept. 19. The county law requires park owners to secure the approval of 20 percent of their residents before filing an application to convert and then getting support from more than 50 percent once the application has been processed.
Read Sonoma County Mobile Home Park Conversion Ordinance 5725. View PDF
Read Sonoma Counties Rebuttal to Lawsuit. View PDF


10-17-07: Superior Court Dept 21 upholds Sonoma County Ordinance 5725. Court finds ordinance does not exceed Section 66427.5. View PDF

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