Amount of Lawsuit: $23.9million

Plaintiff Attorney: Richard Close

Filed: September 17th 2007

Lawsuit filed against city of Palm Springs for denying permit to convert Palm Springs View Estates. The lawsuit details the reasons the city did not have the jurisdiction and authority to deny the conversion application, and city council resolution 21941 should be vacated by the court, and the park owner should be entitled to extraordinary relief for loss of value and income. The amount of damage suggested in the complaint for declaratory relief and related issues, as stated: β€œis believed to be not less than $23,900,000.” View PDF


December 13, 2007: The two lawsuits filed by the PSVE park owner will be rescheduled for a hearing in the early part of 2008.

December 14, 2007: The lawsuit filed by the owner of the El Dorado MHP in October 2003 claiming damages of $6 to $7 million from the City may finally be coming to an end. The court trial date set for December 10, 2007 was rescheduled for April 14, 2008. Based on the many previous delays, however, the date could be extended again.

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